About Us

Lovekpi.com is an independent KPI benchmarking platform developed by business and technology professionals who are passionate and dedicated to the betterment of CX and service delivered by organisations around the world.

Lovekpi.com is the world’s largest independent KPI benchmarking platform that is designed around customer’s journey and traverses across organisational value chain.  

Lovekpi.com is designed to empower CX, marketing, strategy, business technology, workforce management and operations management colleagues with independently curated qualitative and quantitative performance benchmarking insights that they could use to make effective decisions daily.

Lovekpi.com gathers and instantly measures 235 KPI benchmarks for 28 industries across 245 countries around the world.

Lovekpi.com is committed to providing most accurate, relevant and comprehensive benchmarking insights of the highest quality to its users.

To achieve the desired quality for our community - Lovekpi.com double checks and reviews all submitted entries that:

  • Fall outside expected thresholds
  • Seem duplicates or repetitions
  • Erroneous or malicious
Lovekpi.com operates a strict policy of blacklisting users that attempt to manipulate results or submit malicious entries.